Criminal Defense

Michael L. Capdeboscq, LLC provides criminal representation for those living in the Covington area. His results-driven service gives his clients great peace of mind; they know that, with his assistance, it is possible to achieve significantly reduced sentences, or even to have cases dismissed outright.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your current criminal case, you can benefit from meeting with Michael L. Capdeboscq. He will fight to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the entirety of the criminal justice process.

Why High-Quality Legal Service is Essential

From petty misdemeanors to serious felonies, a variety of criminal charges may be accompanied by surprisingly harsh repercussions. Depending on the nature of the charges and the quality of your legal counsel, you could face fines, license revocation, community service, participation in mandated treatment programs, or time behind bars. Additionally, your ensuing criminal record could make it more difficult to find a job or suitable housing.

Regardless of the extent of your current criminal accusations, it is absolutely essential to seek counsel from a criminal defense attorney you can trust. The right lawyer will guide you patiently through the entirety of the complicated criminal justice process. This thorough guidance will ultimately improve your chances of obtaining a successful outcome, as you will be better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Ideally, a lawyer will not only educate clients on the ins and outs of the criminal justice system; he or she will also take a zealous approach in all courtroom matters. Proactive lawyers who are determined to fight for their clients are ultimately far more successful both in and out of the courtroom.

Types of Criminal Cases

A wide array of criminal matters are handled by Michael L. Capdeboscq’s law firm. He is willing to assist clients with cases at both the misdemeanor and felony level. Common types of cases include drug possession, theft, burglary, assault, domestic violence, expungements, and probation violations. Additionally, Michael L. Capdeboscq works extensively in DUI and DWI law. His representation could spell the difference between license suspension and the ability to remain behind the wheel.

Michael L. Capdeboscq, LLC: Aggressive Representation From a Criminal Attorney You Can Trust

If criminal charges have you feeling overwhelmed, be sure to reach out to Michael L. Capdeboscq. He will provide the the aggressive representation needed to secure reduced charges or a dismissed case.

Ratings and Reviews

Client Reviews


Michael handled a family law case for me that was hell to say the least. I tried representing myself and was also ripped off by a previous attorney. I presented my case to him with just hopes of being able to speak to my children. The opposing counsel even told Michael there was no shot…

- (5 star review)